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Marie Callas

Marie Callas

Marie Callas claims to be a clairvoyant, medium, numerologist, specialist in astrology and Sample Maria Callastarot, dowser, author of numerous books and articles, mage, spirit.

But Marie has forgotten one important title – prolific psychic scammer.

Once this French/Italian fraudster gets hold of your details, you will be inundated with unsolicited letters offering to solve all your problems. She’ll even provide you with your lucky numbers to make you rich.

Unfortunately, if you respond, the only person likely to get rich is Marie herself.

Marie will try to peddle you your “personal secret lucky numbers study”, “The Seven Secrets of the Initiated”, “Discover Your Power study”, “The Powers of the 7 Parchments”, “Super Occult Aid” and so on. Sometimes she offers to perform the 3 Occult Actions.

As a sweetener, she promises to send “free of charge” the Celtic Wheel of Life gold penchant with a one carat zirconium stone, or the Golden Dove Medallion, or Superpowerful Beneficial Energy Charger, or some other cheap trinket – all for $80. So much for “free of charge”.

Marie claims to have had visions about you or to know your personal circumstances and your future.

But it didn’t take a turn of the Tarot cards or psychic abilities for Marie to discover all of this – she got your details from a mailing list.

One WA ScamNet contributor received a letter addressed to Unknown Smith (we have substituted the consumer’s real surname) rather than Mr or Mrs Smith. The letter is peppered with comments like: “In your case, Unknown Smith, I’m afraid you have never had a Talisman strong enough to allow you to win very large sums of money”. So much for her psychic abilities!

Some Marie letters request you send a photograph so she can concentrate all her psychic strengths on you. If you do, you could find it used in a testimonial. Marie loves to refer to newspaper stories supposedly claiming her great talents. Yeah right!!

Marie also advertises in magazines and newspapers offering free talismans. Respond and you’ll be forever on her mailing list and inundated with letters offering her paid services.

Marie should change her name to Marie Callous because anybody who preys on the hopes and dreams of others is callous.