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Maria Rosa

Maria Rosa psychic scammerMaria Rosa, from Switzerland, claims $30,000 is just waiting for you – if you follow her advice.

“According to vibrations you give off (astrology perfectly concords with this evaluation), you are like a veiled light seeking only to shine brighter. It would seem that a dark force directed you to a trap leaden path that was not yours”, she writes.

But Maria can change all that by giving you “the tree of wonders in crystal and precious stones”.

“I’m going to need 5-6 days for doing the starting rituals so your tree is rapidly adjusted to your personal vibrations. This is rather a long and tiring ritual for me, but it’s indispensable”, she writes.

Maria is such a generous soul that she will give you the “tree of wonders” for free (apart from the $5 needed for shipping) and has discounted her fee for the “starting rituals” from $179 to $62.

The only thing we find more tiring than the ritual is being bombarded by these mass mail-out offers.

Maria is a typical psychic scam who uses threats and the promises of money to get you to hand over your dollars.

New Zealand’s Ministry of Consumer Affairs is also warning its consumers to steer clear of Maria Rosa. Check out their website