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Mala Devi

An amethyst bead bracelet Indian clairvoyant Mala Devi has returned from the famous Kumba-Mela pilgrimage with the 17 remaining Bracelets of the Sages with 14 magical powers.

She only has 11 left and one of the bracelets is destined for you. Lucky you, NOT!!

Apparently the bracelets, when instilled with the magical fluid, will free you from the harmful forces that imprison you and bring you great wealth, happiness, love and physical fitness.

It’s a shame that the bracelets can’t protect you from shysters like Mala Devi!

According to the letter, Mala Devi is recognised as the most powerful clairvoyant that the world has ever seen.

Isn’t it funny that we have never heard of this great clairvoyant or the bracelets? If she were so great, you would think she would have appeared on the Oprah Winfrey television show or, at least, Jerry Springer!!

But it’s OK because Sage of Sages, Shri Lahamma, has provided a testimonial about the great powers of Mal Devi. Never heard of him either? Well, Shri Lahamma claims he is the absolute and undisputed master of all holders of positive magical secret powers! Yeah right!!

Shri Lahamma states that he presided over the famous Kumba-Mela pilgrimage and gave Mala Devi the bracelets.

The letter states that the bracelet is yours for free. Just pay $5 for postage.

However it will take Mala Devi three hours per day over seven days to perform the spiritual work to instil the bracelets with the magical fluid. She normally charges $750 for this service but, for you, she has discounted the rate to $45. How generous of her!!

And if the bracelet doesn’t work, Mala Devi provides an 1825-day guarantee.

It’s a shame that the guarantee is as worthless as the photographs and testimonials from David, Patricia, Lucy and Eric.

Read the letter’s fine print and it states that the writer is not bound by any “guarantee of results” and the photographs are not “contractually binding”. This means that it could be anyone in the photographs!

It doesn’t take magical powers to see that this is a scam.