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Parcel delivery SMS

Personalised parcel delivery scam

Mobile phone users are being warned to watch-out for a new sophisticated parcel delivery scam that addresses the victim by name and is phishing for credit card details.

How the scam works:

Text messages containing the recipient’s first name are advising of an unsuccessful attempt to deliver a parcel and contain instructions to click on a link to reschedule delivery.

The link leads to a webpage branded with Australia Post logos that contains the victim’s full name, advising that a $0.99 re-delivery fee is due.

Once credit card details are entered, the scammer will attempt to deduct money from their victim’s account. WA ScamNet is currently aware of one victim who noticed a suspicious $4.99 charge that was likely a test, meaning more money would have been taken had she not noticed in time and cancelled the card.

Parcel delivery scams have been around for a while, but what makes this version particularly tricky is that the text messages and webpage contain the recipient’s name. The webpage also looks more legitimate and contains fewer spelling errors than previous versions.


Personalised parcel delivery - SMS


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