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Morgan Registry Depot

Morgan Registry Depot

There’s a parcel addressed to you waiting for collection.  It’s apparently Morgan Registry Depot scam letterfilled with designer goods.   All you have to do is pay the delivery costs.

And it’s a replay of an old postal scam, dressed up and refashioned for 2009.
It’s the same sort of scam that led to the seizure and destruction of 30,000 letters before they could be sent to WA letterboxes two years ago.

In its new form the letter is addressed by name to the householder with the warning that it requires urgent attention.  A little check box advises this is Morgan Shipping Registry Depot’s third and final attempt to contact the recipient.

The first deception is the misleading implication that it is mail specifically for you because you are just one name among thousands on a mailing list.

It purports to be an “unclaimed package claim authorisation”, with the goods within the parcel described as designer leather products from international fashion houses worth hundreds of dollars.

All you have to do to receive this bounty is pay $34.95 American to meet shipping and delivery costs.

What the company is really doing is promoting their merchandise by mail order.   And it is very careful to state none of the famous designer houses it mentions have endorsed its products, and nor are they affiliated with the promotion. The fine print states that any of the goods can be substituted.

What you would receive for your money isn’t known, but it would be wise not to expect much.

Morgan Registry advises in its letter that it provides your name to other companies, and invites you to write to its New York address if you want to have your name removed from their mailing list.

We suggest you do, and ask them not to provide your details to any other company.

And we advise you do with this letter what we did with the thousands we seized two years ago: destroy it.