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Digital Worldnet

Digital Worldnet

A cardboard box with the words “same day delivery” written on it Digital Worldnet claims it has a package awaiting shipment to you.

The package claims to contain household items, personal accessories, designer jewellery, designer watches, writing instruments and leather goods.

Items are valued at more than US$125.

In the letter, Digital Worldnet asks for a release fee of US$29.99.

Ask yourself … why would they want to sell you $125 worth of goods for $29.95, probably because the items are worth …. we will let you work that out!

The letter looks like a legitimate invoice complete with customer carbon copy. Did you order any of these items? Of course you didn’t! This is just another product promotion campaign.

This offer was bulk mailed from Singapore.

Now Digital Worldnet is using the web to expand their operations. The email version asks for a release fee of $31.67.

Digital Worldnet shares the same New York mailing address as Net Direct Electronics and International Shipping Depot. These companies also do mass mail outs for product promotions. Check out their entries on WA ScamNet.