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Crown Imperial Imports

Crown Imperial Imports

Crowne Imperial importsCrown Imperial Imports claims to have a large package waiting to be delivered to your door.

It contains a 61-inch Sony big screen television; or a $2,741 bank cheque; or a Sharp microwave; or other items.

All you have to do is pay the $24.95 “release fee”.

Crown Imperial Imports maintains that you are one of the few Australians to receive this offer. But this is a mass mail-out so what are the chances you will receive the one TV or the one bank cheque on offer – if, in fact, these items are actually available.

You will probably end up with some junk jewellery worth far less than the $24.95 release fee you paid.

The New Zealand Ministry of Consumer Affairs (http://www.consumeraffairs.govt.nz/scamwatch/ ) has already warned its consumers to steer clear of this offer. We suggest you do the same.