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Royal Online Bullies puppy scam

20 December 2019

WA ScamNet received a report from a consumer who was looking for a puppy via Gumtree, when she noticed an advertisement for the website  https://royalonlinebullies.com/ came up.
The consumer clicked and lodged an enquiry to get a dog named “Rocky” and was told they were in Broome. They searched for this breeder but couldn’t find it. They asked the consumer to make payment up front plus $150 for shipping or $200 for straight to the door. This is when suspicions kicked in.  
This caught her suspicion and prompted her to call Dogs West to find out if there is a breeder up that way. Dogs West confirmed there was no breeder in Broome for this type of dog. 
Pictures on this site have been found to have been taken from other websites. 
screenshot of fake puppy website royal online bullie