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Warning: Scammers impersonating immigration officials

A red passport in a denim pocket The Department of Immigration and Border Protection is warning of a recent wave of phone scams taking place. The people making these phone calls are impersonating officers from the department or other government organisations.

The caller will usually insist that a fine be paid immediately as a penalty for an alleged error committed by the intended victim. Consumers should be aware that the Department of Immigration and Border Protection does not ask for payment of fines or penalties by telephone.

A common approach has seen visa holders receiving a phone call from an individual posing as an immigration official. The caller has the visa holder's passport and date of birth, and claims that the date of birth recorded is incorrect and needs to be updated for a cost. The caller claims that the visa holder will be deported if they don't make this payment.

Be aware this is a scam. If you receive a call of this nature, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection advise that you hang up immediately and report the call to police in your state or territory, and to send a report using the Immigration Dob-in Service.