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SEEK job scams

SEEK job scams

A screen shot of the scam copy of the seek websiteThe operators of these sophisticated scams use a well-known legitimate job vacancy website to hook you in to revealing your details.

Western Australians are receiving emails purportedly from SEEK, a company which advertises job vacancies online. The emails tout various best job ads of the year. The latest is a job with MBR Bank.

But the emails are scams.

The emails ask you to click on a link to read more about a job. The link takes you to a page which mirrors SEEK’s web page.

The page comes up showing an error and job seekers are advised to email the help desk. Of course, you end up emailing the scammers.

At best, the scam operators are trying to capture your details. At worse, they want to recruit you as a money mule to transfer stolen money, often from Australian on-line bank accounts, into your bank account. The scammers promise to pay you a commission to forward the money onto them.

You can read more about money mules and money transfer schemes in our employment section by clicking here.

SEEK advises consumers not to reply to the email.

“The scam presumes some users will not challenge the authenticity of the email, as it includes text that has been “top and tailed” from an official SEEK communication, and even includes SEEK’s Customer Service contact numbers,” said Communications Manager for SEEK, Simon Waring.

“We regularly warn jobseekers to look out for these fraudulent offers, which often encourage candidates to divulge their personal financial information, or to enter into schemes that effectively “launder” funds from overseas.

“However, the fraudulent attempt to “mimic” an official SEEK communication, shows the creative lengths scammers will now go to. Jobseekers should remain alert for such fraudulent email offers, and in particular approach with caution any offers that promise the recipient untapped potential but require no prior experience.”

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