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WA ScamNet Launch

WA ScamNet Launch

A shot of the Jet Mascot standing next to WA Commerce Minister Simon OTake a new interactive website replete with helpful information, 1,000 promotional balloons and the support of the Commerce Minister Simon O’Brien, and you’ve got the formula for a thoroughly successful WA ScamNet relaunch.

On Sunday 4 September, the redeveloped website – the first significant revamp since its original launch in 2002 – was unveiled to shoppers in the Perth CBD. Thousands of people sought further information from community education officers, and scam prevention advice and promotional materials were widely distributed over the course of the day.

Katie Stuart, a victim of an online romance scam who was fleeced out of $100,000, was also present at the launch and spoke candidly to the media about her devastating experience. The WA ScamNet website is a critical resource in the identification and prevention of scams, and the redevelopment has resulted in a website which is easier to use and full of valuable advice.

The ScamNet dog, representing Consumer Protection sniffing out scams on behalf of the public, was also on hand to assist with the launch.

You can see footage of our launch here

A shot of the booth at the ScamNet launch showing consumers picking up balloons and bags

A shot of the booth at the ScamNet launch showing the media interviewing the scam victim with camera crews

A shot of the back of the booth at the ScamNet launch showing the WA Scamnet poster recommending people visit the website

A shot of the booth at the ScamNet launch showing Jet greeting the public

Geraldton WA ScamNet Launch

Jet flying a plane

On Wednesday 5 October 2011, Commerce Minister Simon O’Brien took part in a regional launch of the WA ScamNet site during a visit to Geraldton.

Jet jetted into Geraldton with the Minister and was at Northgate Shopping Centre to help Danni and Kim from Consumer Protection's Geraldton office promote WA ScamNet in their town.

More than 150 shoppers, mainly seniors and young people, stopped by the stand to take a balloon, other branded merchandise, sign up for free scam alerts and try out the new website on a laptop.

The Minister was interviewed by GWN7, the Geraldton Guardian and Yamaji News. .

Jet holds balloons at WA ScamNet launch in GeraldtonJet holds balloons at WA ScamNet launch in Geraldton