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Mix 94.5 Grand Mascot Race for Telethon

Mix 94.5 Grand Mascot Race for Telethon

Jet the WA ScamNet mascot has entered the Grand Mascot race. Here are some photographs of Jet at the race.

Jet greets the crowdJet on the field at the Mix 94.5 Grand Mascot Race for Telethonthe mascots come out onto the fieldJet cheers the football players
Jet gives a big thumbs upAll the mascots grouped togetherJet warms up before the raceJet is excited for the race
Jet warms up as the football match gets goingThe runners take the fieldJet poses for the cameraThe mascott race being run

For complete  footage of the race take a look the Mix 94.5 website

 Here Jet is in training for the big day. 

Jet playing tennisWA ScamNet Mascott Jet lifting weights
WA ScamNet Mascott Jet lifting weightsJet diving into the pool
Jet about to jump in the poolWA ScamNet Mascot Jet on a treadmill
Jet doing push ups in front of London CourtJet flying a plane
Jet trains in GeraldtonJet doing stretches against the bell tower
Jet dancing with the statue on St Georges terraceJet at the top of the DNA tower with thumbs up
Jet doing star jumps in the cityJet at the top of the DNA tower waving

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