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Maria de Fortune

Maria de Fortune claims to be an expert in telepathic research and analysis, fifth generation clairvoyant and tarot expert, and to have a waiting list for appointments of up to one year.

Nevertheless, Maria has taken time out of her busy schedule to write just to you to solve all your problems because you are a person with exceptional talents simply waiting to be awakened.

The letter, from Switzerland, appears to offer $30,000, however, on reading further it seems to be a contest with a $30,000 prize.  The letter states that nobody has yet won the prize…. we doubt there is one.

For $85, you can receive priority treatment so that you can start your new life next week. Or you can send two cheques of $42.50 and Maria will cash one right away and hold the second cheque for a month. 

A new life on time payment?  Interesting prospect.

For your contribution, you will receive 7 Personal Golden Numbers of Happiness and the Complete Study of your Life, plus immediate assistance with three wishes.

It seems that Maria is intervening with her exceptional powers to ensure that you win the $30,000, and also receive $1,000,000, in the Lotto; that your three wishes are fulfilled; and to give you new power to lead a life of wealth, success and happiness.  Indeed Maria’s letter offers ‘a fairy tale life’. 

Maria gives an absolute guarantee and offers a refund if you are not completely happy within four months.

Do you believe in fairy tales?  Maria is one of many overseas companies who send these types of letters in bulk.  Send them in to us and keep your money in your pocket. 

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