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Australasian Consumer Fraud Taskforce Survey 2014

The Australian Institute of Criminology conducts the annual Australasian Consumer Fraud Taskforce Survey to get a snapshot of the scams and fraud the public has been exposed to and improve the way these issues are dealt with.

This year's survey was available to completed between 1 January and 31 March 2014.



Project Sunbird, a Western Australian Police initiative, in conjunction with Consumer Protection, warns about the dangers of sending money overseas.  Relationship fraud has left Western Australians with broken hearts and bank balances ($4.5 million heartbreaking fraud losses).

Recent stories of tragedy and heartbreak:

Stevie's Scam School 

Stevie the reformed scammer is back with six new videos aimed at protecting consumers and small businesses from common ‘advance fee fraud’ scams


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Latest Scam Updates

Gwen Roberts Facebook Lottery scam

Reports of an International Facebook Lottery scam featuring a ficticious officer have been received by WA ScamNet.

Jupiter Group clairvoyant scams

A US-based publishing house called Jupiter Group is behind a number of clairvoyant scams arriving in mailboxes across Western Australia. 

Tragedy strikes a WA romance fraud victim

Nigerian authorities have arrested a man in connection with allegedly defrauding Ms Jette Jacobs.

Yellow Page directory scam returns

WA businesses have been receiving bogus order forms and invoices for unauthorised directory listings and advertising from scammers mimicking the Yellow Pages name and logo.

Greenery Tourism

When a business gets a bad name it might undergo a rebrand and that’s exactly what seems to happen with the glossy travel brochure and scratch card scam from Greenery Holiday out of Malaysia.

Money collecting monks

In the last few days there have been numerous reports of shaven headed men in brown coloured robes asking for charitable donations. Consumer Protection is investigating concerns about these men.

Tech support phone scam

Four years after WA ScamNet first raised the alarm on phone scammers posing as tech support, the money being lost to these scammer is increasing. Read on and protect yourself.

AUPOST fake notification

A new malware (malicious software) scam going around as a fake AUPOST email, directing you to a website and wanting you to download information about a parcel that belongs to you which is most likely malware of some sort. 

HD International Legal Consults

12 worried Western Australians have sent in copies of HD International Legal Consults letters to WA ScamNet regarding "a beneficiary opportunity" to claim 40% of $37 million US.

Divas Chat scam

Scammers are targeting young people in Aboriginal communities in Western Australia through the social networking service Divas Chat.

Global Sex Offender and Criminal Organisation (GSOCO) scam

You wouldn’t expect a SCAMMER to ask YOU for an identity verification and criminal record check but that’s exactly what’s been happening to dating and social network website users.

Fake shopping websites

Consumer Protection has issued an alert about eight bogus shopping websites, now closed, which had stolen the identity of legitimate businesses and conned money out of WA consumers.

Overstock Services Division

If you receive one of these distinctive pale green envelopes (right) in your mail don’t open it because it’s a scam.

Email scam examples

WA ScamNet’s aiming to make life harder for scammers by publishing their attempts to defraud recipients of emails.


Ch7-OnlineScamsCapture Online Scams (12-2-2014) More...

Scams in the news

Read the latest online external news articles liked by WA ScamNet.

Media statements

Lastest releases from Consumer Protection and WA ScamNet:

Recent scam warnings

ACMA released a warning as scammers claim to be representatives of the Do Not Call Register.

Stay Smart Online warning about blackmail attempts through video services like Skype.

A warning to beware of scammers taking advantage of the ballot to attend the 100th anniversary of the Gallipoli campaign. - ScamWatch 

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) - warning after a Perth couple were used as drug mules after responding to holiday prize scam.

(Recent warnings will be removed after four weeks and posted in the news articles page.)

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