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If you are a small business operator or adviser, watch the small business scams and cybercrime forum video to learn more about the risks that have the potential to impose significant financial, legal and reputational costs on small businesses and their customers.

Consumer Protection also have a video from a small business scam talk for you to view:


Are you interested in learning more about internet security and how to protect yourself when using a computer? Visit our Seniors Online Security page to get started.


Project Sunbird, a Western Australian Police initiative, in conjunction with Consumer Protection, aims to stop online relationship fraud victims sending money to overseas-based criminals. Relationship fraud has left Western Australians with broken hearts and bank balances ($4.5 million heartbreaking fraud losses) and has resulted in at least one associated death.

Stevie's Scam School 

Stevie the reformed scammer is back with six new videos aimed at protecting consumers and small businesses from common ‘advance fee fraud’ scams


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Latest Scam Updates

Online Loan Scam - Finance Money Australia

Consumers looking for loans online are again being stung by paying fees or insurance charges upfront to scammers who have stolen the identity of legitimate credit providers.

Welcome Wall name scam

A migrant family whose names appear on Fremantle’s Welcome Walls has been the target of a scam attempt

Faithful Vacation

The Malaysian scratchcard scam has proven to be a winner for fraudsters. The scammers not only take your money but set you up so they can potentially steal your identity too. 

Centrelink calls may be a scam

Scammers pretending to be Centrelink staff have potentially fleeced thousand of dollars from Western Australians. 

Simply Energy Bogus eBill

Be on the look-out for bogus bills sent by email attempting to fool customers into opening documents which may contain malware.

Huge losses feared in gold investment scam (Strauss-Mann Trading Solutions)

Hundreds of thousands of dollars are feared to have been lost by Australians who it’s believed have been duped by a bogus investment company operating a fake website.

Health service providers target of email scam

A business scam that has previously focussed on accommodation providers and the motor vehicle industry in WA is now targeting health service providers.

Video or photo blackmail scams – How to Fight Back

The recent tragic death of a UK teenager, who took his own life after being blackmailed by online scammers over an intimate photo, has prompted WA ScamNet to issue a fresh warning about this type of scam.

Puppy scammers bite

WA ScamNet has received three reports of monetary loss to puppy sale scams recently. One victim via email, one via facebook, and another via gumtree.

Windows 10 email Ransomware warning

Beware an email that purports to be from Microsoft offering a Windows 10 installer. The email has a ZIP file attached that contains a RansomWare installer, which when opened will encrypt and lock important files on your computer.

A warning about Pacific Mobile Phones scam

Consumer Protection is warning consumers and the publications industry not to deal with Pacific Mobile Phones – a bogus business offering smartphones, tablets and cameras at ‘unbeatable prices’.

Leather Jacket Scam

Reports received in the last two weeks indicate that a man with an Italian accent, going by the name of Mr Antonio, has been selling jackets, which he claims to be leather and made by the designer Giorgio Armani.

Phone scam warning from the Department of Transport (DoT)

A caller, claiming to be from DoT, asks for insurance/personal details over the phone and may also involve automated calls asking customers to respond to a survey.

Rovee - Tax scam victim's story

In June 2015 Rovee received an aggressive and threatening call from a man claiming to be from the Australian Tax Office, stating she had an unpaid tax debt of more than five thousand dollars.

Lottery Winner Impersonation

Scammers pretend to be lottery winners because they can confuse their victims with real news articles about the millionaires they are posing as.

Larosa Group

Massive losses are feared after Austraians were duped by a bogus investment company operating a fake website.


TT15Oct115PhoneScam Phone scam - Ch 7 Today Tonight (15/10/2015) More...

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Recent scam warnings

Moves to block Pacific Mobile Phones scam - commerce.wa.gov.au

Door-knockers offering free laptops not from the Government - commerce.wa.gov.au

Indigenous consumers lost $740,000 to scams last year - accc.gov.au

Australians lose over $80M to scams in 2014 - accc.gov.au

Hang up on an immigration scam - accc.gov.au

(Recent warnings will be removed after four weeks and posted in the news articles page.)

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