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As part of an annual awareness campaign, the ACFT invites consumers to participate in an online survey to improve the prevention, detection and investigation of consumer fraud activities.


Are you interested in learning more about internet security and how to protect yourself when using a computer? Visit our Seniors Online Security page to get started.


Project Sunbird, a Western Australian Police initiative, in conjunction with Consumer Protection, aims to stop online relationship fraud victims sending money to overseas-based criminals. Relationship fraud has left Western Australians with broken hearts and bank balances ($4.5 million heartbreaking fraud losses) and has resulted in at least one associated death.

Stevie's Scam School 

Stevie the reformed scammer is back with six new videos aimed at protecting consumers and small businesses from common ‘advance fee fraud’ scams


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Latest Scam Updates

Tax tricks that will get you in trouble

The ATO is aware that some schemes and offers presented to investors may actually be a fraud. They have produced an educational video called Tax Tricks That Will Get You In Trouble that may  help people make more informed financial investment decisions.

Phone scammers posing as ATO officials

The Australian Taxation Office is warning Australians about recent phone scams, where a scammer tries to convince you to pay a fake tax debt over the phone.

Rug rip-off warning

Consumer Protection is warning Western Australians to be wary of uninvited offers to buy cheap, but supposedly high quality, Turkish rugs.

Cyber criminals attacking WA Computers

Consumer Protection is warning Western Australians about cyber criminals who are infecting computers with ransomware.

West Australians tricked into becoming Money Mules

Consumer Protection and WA Police have warned West Australians not to be tricked into becoming money mules for overseas criminals, warning about enticements such as job advertisements offering an attractive salary for working from home or other fake business propositions.

Fake travel prizes and brochures

WA ScamNet has again identified Malaysian Travel Brochure scams which contain fake scratchy cards, this time trading as Thumbs Up Travel.

Fake WA police officer scam warning

Consumer Protection has noticed an increase in the number of scammers posing as WA police officers in an attempt to con money out of unsuspecting Western Australians.

Warning: Scammers impersonating immigration officials

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection is warning of a recent wave of phone scams targeting consumers.

Sea container investment schemes

Caution urged over sea container investment schemes and promotions (also known as ‘acquisition of maritime containers’).

Tenancy Tip - avoid rental scams

In 2014, around 30 accommodation scam victims contacted WA ScamNet and between them the total monetary loss was almost $43,000 – an average loss per victim of nearly $1,500.


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Recent scam warnings

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