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16 - 20 May was Fraud Week, this year we asked everyone to Wise Up to Scams.  Did you know at least $229 million was reported to government as lost to scams in 2015 with older Australians losing the most money to investment and romance scams. Wise up to scams

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WA Scam Warnings

Phone scammers posing as ATO officials

Scammers are pretending to be the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and demanding payment for an outstanding debt or offering a fake refund. 

Luchana websites an employment scam

Professional looking websites and advertisements are being used to lure prospective employees in the construction industry, but it's a scam. 

ANZ refunds phone scam

ANZ is to refund $5 million to about 25,000 basic account holders for incorrect charges. 

WA ScamNet has had a report of a phone scam where the caller claims to be from the Australian Government offering an ANZ refund. 

Australian Federal Police - Scammers posing as the AFP

 Scammers are so unafraid of the law that they even pretend to be the Australian Federal Police (AFP).

In early March 2016 WA ScamNet received a number of calls from Western Australians who had been served a supposed subpoena from the AFP via email. 

Farm and vineyard job scams targets backpackers

Overseas visitors on working holidays and Australian's travelling on a 'gap year' are the target of fake offers of employment at farms and wineries.  

Department of Human Services Phishing Email Scam

A number of phone calls have been received in regards to a possible email scam appearing to be from the Department of Human Services.

Centrelink calls may be a scam

Scammers pretending to be Centrelink staff have potentially fleeced thousand of dollars from Western Australians. 

Car Accident Compensation Phone Scam

Scammers are offering compensation for a car accident in an attempt to obtain personal information from victims. 

Online Loan Scam - Finance Money Australia

Consumers looking for loans online are again being stung by paying fees or insurance charges upfront to scammers who have stolen the identity of legitimate credit providers.

MALWARE ALERT! Cybercriminals Targeting Android Devices

 Don't get infected by Marcher malware which is targeting Android devices. 

Faithful Vacation

The Malaysian scratchcard scam has proven to be a winner for fraudsters. The scammers not only take your money but set you up so they can potentially steal your identity too. 

Health service providers target of email scam

A business scam that has previously focussed on accommodation providers and the motor vehicle industry in WA is now targeting health service providers.


techscam9may16 Tech Scam - Ch 9 News (17/05/2016) More...

Scams in the media

Losses to scams increase by 65 per cent for Indigenous consumers in 2015 - ACCC

WA victims fleeced in tech support scam - Department of Commerce

Don't gift tax debt scammers with iTunes cards - Department of Commerce

Ad for cut price mobile phones a scam - Department of Commerce

Gumtree Australia suffers security breach - Gumtree Australia

Warning about unlicensed betting scheme Lotto Spring - Department of Commerce


Personal Fraud 2014-15 - Australian Bureau of Statistics

A rising proportion of Australians experienced personal fraud. This included scam fraud where just over half of the Australian population aged 15 and over were exposed to at least one scam. 

2015 Scam review report (PDF)

This report analyses the losses and number of victims of scams and consumer fraud in WA. The data comes from two sources: Consumer Protection’s WA ScamNet service and Project Sunbird.


Help for victims of fraud factsheet (PDF)

Email scam examples