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Report a Scam - Poster Campaign

ReportAScam_ThumbConsumer Protection has used National Consumer Fraud Week to launch an initiative, which involves posters being distributed to police stations and wire transfer outlets across Western Australia in a bid to prevent relationship fraud victims from sending money to overseas scammers.

The posters have been produced as part of Project Sunbird – a joint anti-fraud initiative with WA Police.


Project Sunbird, a Western Australian Police initiative, in conjunction with Consumer Protection, aims to stop online relationship fraud victims sending money to overseas-based criminals. Relationship fraud has left Western Australians with broken hearts and bank balances ($4.5 million heartbreaking fraud losses) and has resulted in at least one associated death.

Stevie's Scam School 

Stevie the reformed scammer is back with six new videos aimed at protecting consumers and small businesses from common ‘advance fee fraud’ scams


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Latest Scam Updates

Holiday Scams

As the temperature rises and Australians start booking their summer holidays, consumers are being warned not to get caught by avoidable scams

The 12 Scams of Christmas

Delia Rickard from the ACCC talks through McAfee’s top 12 scams which promise to ruin your holiday period.

ACCC - Scams video for Indigenous consumers

During the launch of ACCC's strategy for Indigenous consumer protection in November 2014 the ACCC released two short videos dealing with scams and direct debit.

Victims lose thousands in online loan scams

Consumer Protection has issued an alert after many West Australians desperate to get a loan have been duped by online loan scams. Some of the scammers are stealing the identity of legitimate online money lenders, adding to the confusion of consumers.

Online free trial offers

Whether it’s a sponsored post in your social media feed or a pop up advertisement while you’re browsing the web, offers of ‘free trials’ or ‘samples’ are a common sight for internet users. WA ScamNet warns online consumers to be aware of the fine print when accepting a so called free trial.

Leon Shipard / AndThanks2U / MyFuelClub

Invest some cash and recruit others who pay to join, then you’ll get rich quick from the members under you in the system. What they don’t tell you in the hard-sell is that pyramid selling schemes are illegal and ALL collapse at some point. It might not just be money you lose; if you’ve roped in friends or family, you might suffer a breakdown in relationships too.

WA drivers targeted in latest PayPal scam

Consumer Protection is warning WA drivers not to respond to a scam email inviting them to renew their licence via PayPal.

AusPost fake email leads to ransomware

The AusPost phishing email scam is back, this time with a sinister twist. Recipients are being duped into installing crypto-style "ransomware", which locks down computer systems until the owners pay a ransom to have the restriction removed.

Tech support phone scam

Phone scammers are posing as tech support, and the money being lost to these scammer is increasing.


channel9_online_loan_scams Online loans scams - Channel 9 (13/11/2014) More...

Scams in the news

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Recent scam warnings

Police are warning people to be wary of scam emails concerning traffic infringements - DailyExaminer.com.au

Consumers with a disability - be on guard against scammers trying to take advantage of you - ScamWatch.gov.au

Nine social media scams you need to know - Trend Micro

The Guardian is warning about a 'Grand Theft Auto V' torrent scam that is hitting PC Gamers

Don't get caught out by this Ebola-themed malware scam reports itproportal.com 

Bitdefender warns Australians of "Wolf of Wall Street" style penny stock scam 

ACCC are warning consumers to watch out for travel scams

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