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WA Scam Warnings

  • Fake loan warning – Quality Financial Services
    Fake loan warning – Quality Financial Services

    Text messages and Facebook advertisements are attempting to lure consumers into prepaying fees for a fake loan from Quality Financial Services.

  • Fake barbecue product website
    Fake barbecue product website

    WA ScamNet has received reports from consumers about financial losses to the website www.barbequeworld.com.au, with goods ordered but not delivered.

  • Bogus boating website
    Bogus boating website

    We have had reports about the website www.marinebazaar.com.au, which is bogus even though it appears legitimate at first glance.

  • Bogus Appliances Deals website
    Bogus Appliances Deals website

    We have had reports from customers about the website appliancesdeals.com.au, which is bogus, even though it appears legitimate.

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Wise up to scams


At least $229 million was reported to government as lost to scams in 2015 with older Australians losing the most money to investment and romance scams.  It's time to wise up to scams! 


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