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Does learning the secret to unlock $377,000 sound tempting?Igor Palputin

Well, for most people it does. But don’t get sucked in to Igor Palputin’s “vision” to make you rich in less than 37 days (any number with 37 must be lucky according to Igor).

What’s more, Igor’s vision of you living a life of luxury was during his Russian television program, Luck Is With You, (of course) in front of an audience of 30 million people!

Igor even has a 100 per cent strike rate as he reckons every single person who has replied to his letter has become rich.

In fact, what would have really happened is that those who replied have become $45 poorer while Igor’s bank coffers have swelled.

He tries to lure people in with the promise of “a life of luxury” and the dream of providing your loved ones with “the life they deserve” during these “hard times”.

By addressing his letter directly to the person and using their name in the personal invitation, he cleverly makes the offer sound legitimate.

To receive the “magic secret” and receive the $377,000 in less than 37 days, and the promise of more good fortune to come, he says you must reply “very quickly”. This call to action is typical of all advance fee frauds.

If Igor is so convinced of his vision of you pocketing $377,000, why is he offering a money back guarantee?

Also, in the letter he goes on to say that even though he publicly announced your good fortune in front of millions of viewers and that you were already famous in Russia, this prosperity is a secret. You must never reveal it.

So you should not reply or send your credit card details to the address in Dongen, Holland. If you have legitimately won money you will never be asked to send money to collect it.

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