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Thomas Lyson

Thomas Lyson

Self-proclaimed “Money Master Medium” Thomas Lyson claims to be the number one clairvoyant in the USA.

And he promises that with the information he supplies, you will break the “Lotto bank”. He even guarantees that you will pocket a minimum of $37,000 every three months.

If you fall for this rubbish, the only thing you will break is your own or your partner’s heart at how easily you lost $40!

Thomas Lyson claims that in less than seven years he acquired one of the greatest fortunes in the US and has now been forbidden to play Lotto.

He even claims to have helped people win more than $57 million dollars.

Funny that WA ScamNet can find no mention of this “famous” millionaire and clairvoyant in an Internet search.

This is a typical psychic scam that preys on people’s hopes and vulnerabilities to make money.

If you send off the required $40 to GSP in Holland, all you will receive is a set of worthless “lucky” numbers and a gold coin.

He is also throwing in a free personal clairvoyant reading!

If his psychic powers were any good, he should have predicted that the recipients of his letters would see through his ruse and would send them straight to WA ScamNet!!!