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Matre Norbu

Maetre Norbu and his mini-me evil sidekick Sonam are sending out a poisonous letter designed to scare you into sending money.

Maetre Norbu and his pupil Sonam claim to be “monks of light and prophecies” who have “the power of probing deeply in your lifelines and predicting exceptional events”.

The letter reads: “A tidal wave of dangerous events is coming towards you very fast.

“I found out that dangers are threatening you, traps and obstacles are coming toward you very quickly.

“I will surely reassure you if I say that the occult forces that directed me to you are more powerful than anything that is trying to turn your life into hell. YOU HAVE NARROWLY ESCAPED DANGER FOR A WHILE.

“You are certainly disturbed and may be hesitant to believe that my words are the best solution. BUT IF YOU DO NOT BELIEVE, YOU COULD VERY SOON BE FACING GRAVE DANGER.”

The only people that are disturbed are the writers of this letter.

Maetre Norbu claims he can perform six miracles which will rid you of your money worries, improve your physical state, restore your vitality and bring you surprises. But wait, there is more. He will also send you a priceless talisman, a diamond.  All this for the princely sum of $70.

There are no surprises that you won’t be receiving the Hope Diamond – if anything, it’s likely to be some cheap trinket costing less than a few dollars.

Ignore this mail out. It is extremely unlikely that Norbu exists. The people behind this psychic scam have got your name from a mailing list and know nothing about you.

The letter has a return address in Switzerland – home of many psychic scammers.