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Seniors Online Security


Are you interested in learning more about internet security and how to protect yourself when using your computer? 
If so, you may be interested in the following Youtube presentations from Scamnet and Project Sunbird .

PDF and Powerpoint resources for these topics are also available.


Computer Security PDF

Society is increasingly reliant on computers and the internet across all aspects of life. Computers are central to our communication, our business and our social lives. This module looks at several simple strategies that you can use to protect and strengthen the security of your computer.

A powerpoint presentation for computer security is also available for download.


Identity Crime PDF

A large amount of personal information is now being shared and stored on computers and in cyberspace. There are many simple steps which you can take to reduce the likelihood that another person can use your identity. This module will help you learn how to better protect your identity when using the internet.

A powerpoint presentation for identity crime is also available for download.


Social Networking PDF

There are great benefits in being able to use social networking to communicate with others. However, it is not surprising that with so many people using social networking sites, that criminals are also using this technology for criminal activities. This module looks at what you can do to prevent it from happening to you.

A powerpoint presentation for social networking is also available for download.


Fraudulent Emails PDF

Too often, emails that appear in our inboxes aren’t what they seem. While you might get lots of emails from your family, friends and mailing lists that you have signed up to, there are often a lot of emails from people you don’t know. This module will show you what to look out for and how to protect yourself when using email.

A powerpoint presentation for fraudulent emails is also available for download.


Internet Banking PDF

The internet has increased our ability to do many things, including banking. By taking some simple steps to secure your computer, you can enjoy the benefits of internet banking. This module will show you how to protect yourself and reduce the chances that you become a victim of fraud.

A powerpoint presentation for internet banking is also available for download.